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Adidas - Javi Martinez Forget. Believe

Text a letter lose vision of 64 meters of road.

Know where your line is. - Australian Human Rights Commission.

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Its fish they are after. 

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А text message is an accident waiting to happen. Drive responsibly. Fiat of the world

No pressure. The Park Assist from VW.

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Guinness now in  a bottle.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Ronald Ng
Creative Directors: Primus NairWai Khuen Yee
Copywriters: Pimwadee LaiNikhil PanjwaniTheophilues Tan
Illustrator / Designer: Gary Lim

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Uniqua ‘Expect the Unexpected’ 

Agency: The smarts Bulgaria

International Guide Dog Federation

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium
Executive Creative Directors: Erik VervroegenPaul Servaes
Associate Creative Directors: Tom BerthGeert De Rocker
Copywriter: Kwint De Meyer
Art Director / Typographer: Daniel Van den Broucke
Art Director: Bastien Grisolet / Marcel
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Producer: Ruth Levy / Mark Seliger Photography
Production: Prodigious & Elysian Fields
Production Manager: Gael Cheval
Producer: Lauriane Dula
Production Coordinator: Lys-Aelia Hart
Global Print Manager: Jean-Luc Chirio
Art Buying: Lauriane Dula, Lys-Aelia Hart
Retoucher: Asile
Account Manager: Jonas De Wit

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Advertising Agency: Marketway/Publicis, Cyprus
Creative Director: Naya Koutroumani
Art Director: Alessio Criscuoli
3d / Illustrator: Cgworks

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Rules have changed

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Legendary ad - Alka Seltzer ‘Spicy Meatballs’ 

Zagorka Frame

Zagorka Firefighter